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Waterproof Lamp With Good Performance
Jul 31, 2017

The lamp belt is refers to the LED lamp uses the special processing craft to weld in the copper wire or the Ribbon flexible circuit board above, LED Strip then connects the power source to glow, because its luminous shape one kind of light band and the name.

The early process is to weld the LED on the copper wire, then the PVC tube or the equipment directly formed, there are two kinds of round and flat, LED Strip its appellation according to the number of copper wire and the shape of the lamp band to distinguish, two lines called the second line, the circle in front with a circle, that is, round second, flat in front with a flat word, that is, flat line. Later developed into a flexible circuit board that is FPC to do the carrier, because its processing technology is simpler, the quality is easier to control, longer life, LED Strip color and brightness of higher and gradually replaced the earlier processing process, gradually become a trend.

Because the lamp belt above is usually the welding led, therefore also has many calls the LED lamp belt, but because the noun is too long and simplifies into the lamp belt.

Main Features and advantages:

1, soft, can curl like a wire;

2, can be cut and deferred;

3, the bulb and the circuit are fully covered in flexible plastic, insulation, waterproof performance, use safety;

4, weather-resistant strong;

5, easy to rupture, long service life, 6, easy to make graphics, text and other modelling.

Application Range:

At present, LED Strip it has been widely used in buildings, bridges, roads, gardens, courtyards, floors, ceilings, furniture, automobiles, ponds, underwater, advertising, signboards, signs and other lighting, for various festive events such as Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Easter, National day and other added endless joy and festive atmosphere, it to tenacious vitality into the advertising, decoration, construction, commercial, gifts, LED Strip the five dominant market, and exported to Japan, the European Union, Australia and other countries and regions. is widely used in building wheel corridor, bridge, guardrail , the hotel, the Grove, the ballroom, the advertisement decorates the place and so on.