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SMD LEDs Manufacture Six Process
Mar 09, 2017

In recent years, can be said to be led industry high-speed development period, sohow do you know SMD led production? SMD LEDs in the production process, what does? Below the led chip processing plants give us a brief introduction.

1, the solid Crystal: light grains by automatic machine crystalline solid to stand on,wafer through the glue at the bottom (including silver glue and Scotch tape).

2, wire: high precision wire bonders, chip electrodes and bracket with a purity of 99.99 gold link principle is ultrasonic welding.

3, glue: chip class through the laminator plastic cake moments through 170 high-temperature melting moments and solidification is attached to the surface and exposed to protect grain and gold from damage. Top class are dispensing technology,by dispensing droplets of glue onto the top led lamp Cup, through high temperature baking frozen, also aims to protect grain and gold.

4, dicing: above the material is arranged in one of hundreds of thousands of boards, need to cut into a single one is a finished product size.

5, light: material (grain size) are mixed together, so you need to test light to brightness differences between different product categories (this should be under the same type of the same color), splitting the main voltage test data, brightness, color temperature, wavelengths, whether leakage (leakage control 5 microamps). Light can appear many different stalls.

6, and packaging: posted tablets glow diode industry also will its called series with, is will a star star small of led into contains with Shang, usually put same color same voltage same brightness same wavelength of led packaging in with, General used rubber disc to mount with, so everyone see of are a volume a volume of, purpose is to in using Shi can through automatically posted tablets machine take material.