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SMD LED The Introduction And Features
Mar 09, 2017

SMD LED, its luminous principles is the current through the compound semiconductor, through a combination of electrons and holes, excess energy will be releasedas light, to glowing effect.

SMD led characteristics

① Cold glow serves the principle is of light, rather than through heating and discharge luminescence, so about 50~100 times longer life than the tungsten lamp, about 100,000 hours.

② No warming lamps and light response speed faster than General Electric (~ 3 ~400ns).

③ Electro-optical conversion efficiency, low power consumption, energy consumption than the bulb about 1/3 ~ 1/20.

④ Excellent shock resistance, high reliability and low running costs of the system.

⑤ Is small, thin, lightweight, no shape limits, easy to make all kinds of applications.

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