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LED Lattice Display Screen Display Principle
Mar 09, 2017

To simple of 8X8 lattice for cases, it total by 64 a glow diode composition, and each glow diode is placed row line and column line of cross points Shang, dang corresponds to of a line reset 1 level, a a column reset 0 level, is corresponding of diode on bright; as to will first a points points bright, is 9 feet received high level 13 feet received low level, is first a points on bright has; if to will first line points bright, is 9th feet to received high level, and (13, and 3, and 4, and 10, and 6, and 11, and 15, and 16) these introduction feet received low level, Then the first row will lightup if they lit the first column, the 13th foot low level, (9, 14, 8, 12, 1, 7, 2, 5) high level, so the first column is lighted.

Generally we use dot matrix display Chinese character is 16*16 in the lattice of song typeface library, known as 16*16, is a character in vertical and horizontal 16 shows in the region. That is with four 8*8 of the lattice into a 16*16 grid. Like to displayed "you" is corresponding of points points bright, due to lattice in column line Shang is low level effective, and row line Shang is high level effective, so to displayed "you" Word, is it of bit code information to take anti-, that all column (13~16 feet) sent (0xF7,0x7F), and first line (9 feet) sent 1 signal, then first line sent 0. Sending data to display the second row (13~16 feet) to (0xF7,0x7F), while the second (14 feet) to send 1 signal. And so on, as long as the interval is short enough to display per row, using human Visual suspensive effect, which sent data is scanned after the 16 # 16 you will see a "you"; the second method is the type of the data signal to line scan line is the same way. Same with "you" to explain, 16 rows (9, 14, 8, 12, 1, 7,2, 5), sent (, 0x00,0x00) and the first column (13 foot) delivery, "0". Similarly scan the second column. When the line to send the 16 data lines after scanning 16 a "you" is displayed.