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LED Dot-matrix Display-related Protective Measures
Mar 09, 2017

1) Using electrostatic electrostatic sensitive circuit staff knowledge and training in technology.

2) Anti-static work area, the use of anti-static floor in the area, ESD workstation, anti-static ground leads, and anti-static devices, and the relative humidity at 40 per cent.

3) The harm caused by static electricity on electronic equipment may be released inany part of the equipment from the manufacturer to the wild. Harm because therewas no adequate, effective training and equipment caused by steering failure. LEDdevices are sensitive to static electricity. INGAN chips are generally considered tobe "first" are subject to interference. ALINGAP LEDS SHI "second" or better.

4) ESD damaged devices can display a Dim, fuzzy, out, short or low VF or VR. ESDdamage of equipment should not confuse overload, such as: due to faulty designor drive chip hook, cable shield ground or packaging, or general environment-induced stress.

5) Safety and ESD control program: very similar to most electronic and electro-optical company of ESD and have successfully realized the device's ESD control, manipulation and the main program. These programs for ESD ancient has instrumentsused to detect quality results. ISO-9000 certification such as his normal control procedures.