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LED Components Cost-effective
Jul 06, 2017

The basic structure of the LED module is an electroluminescent semiconductor material chip, with silver glue or white gel curing to the bracket, and then use a silver wire or gold wire to connect the chip and circuit board, and then surrounded by epoxy resin seal, play a protective The role of the internal core, and finally install the shell, so the LED lamp seismic performance is good. LED Component Application areas related to mobile phones, desk lamps, home appliances and other household appliances and machinery production.

LED components, exquisite workmanship, LED Component all products meet ROHS certification, reliable quality, cost-effective.

The development of these components benefited from MENTOR rooted in the field of industrial electronics for decades of development and manufacturing experience.

THT series components can be used as single or multiple LED components, LED Component according to specific applications derived from the most complete size specifications.

The bottom pitch of the component is 2.54mm. This type of display system to meet the key industrial electronic standards, with a variety of LED. LED and LED-based display are popular in display systems. Consumer electronics also benefited from the widespread use of LEDs and became very portable. LED has a long life, low power consumption and other characteristics. Red, yellow and green are the most commonly used colors, ordinary LED diameter is divided into 3mm and 5mm.

LED components: refers to the LED chip as the basic light-emitting components of the light-emitting unit.

LED lighting standard optical components: refers to the LED lighting components to develop a unified standard digital standard, each of the middleware has a specific optical interface data, with a specific unified coding standard middleware.

Production process simple high-performance LED components. LED Component The utility model can be realized by the following technical scheme. A high efficiency LED assembly includes a metal substrate, an insulating layer, a conductive layer, a fluorescent glue seal, an LED chip and a driving circuit, wherein the conductive layer and the insulating layer are provided with And the peripheral conductive layer of the LED chip hole is divided into two mutually insulating conductive sections, and one of the two electrically insulated conductive sections of the first LED chip hole is electrically connected to the driving circuit One of the electrode electrodes and the other conductive section is also one of two mutually insulated conductive sections of another LED die hole, and the other conductive section of the LED chip hole is one of the two conductive sections of the next LED chip hole, LED Component This type of push-in setting of the conductive section, the last of the two LED insulated holes of the insulating layer, one of the conductive sections and one of the two conductive sections of the LED chip hole in front of it is a conductive section, the last LED Another electrode of the chip hole is electrically connected to the other electrode of the driving circuit; an LED chip is provided on the metal substrate in the LED chip hole, two of the LED chips Wire, electrically connected to the periphery of the two mutually insulated electrically conductive section, connecting leads and so on. The high-efficiency LED assembly, the metal substrate, the insulating layer and the conductive layer are joined with each other. The LED chip is thermally insulated and arranged on the metal substrate between the LED chip holes, electrically connecting the LED chip and the conductive section, Set the fluorescent seal on. The high-efficiency LED assembly is made of an aluminum plate, LED Component and an aluminum plate having an oxide layer as an insulating layer is one side of the metal substrate on which the LED chip is not provided for the insulation. The high-performance LED assembly has a metal base plate rounded, or a long strip, or square, or polygonal. The technical advantages of the utility model are that the designed circuit is simple and the LED chip can be connected in series so that the driving voltage is close to the external power supply voltage and the efficiency of the LED module is improved.