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Characteristics Of LED Dot-matrix Display
Mar 09, 2017

High brightness: the relative Division of SMD 0603 or 0805 form, LED can be reflected more luminous flux.

Ultra high density can be achieved: indoor up to 62.5 points/square meter (P4). Manufacturers can do to P3. Density required for better heat dissipation.

Mix well: using light-emitting devices their own micro-processing and the wave-particle duality of light, makes the Red particles, pure green light particles, Blu-ray three particles are fully mixed up with each other.

Environmental performance: wet, hot and cold resistance, high resistance to corrosion

Antistatic performance strong: production environment with strict standards and product structure design.

Viewing angle: 140 degrees (horizontal)

High permeability: a new generation of dot-matrix technology by virtue of its highdegree of purity, and epoxy resin material almost 100% light flux, reached near-perfect permeability.