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Characteristics Of LED Components
Jul 19, 2017

LED components, exquisite workmanship, all products in line with RoHS certification, reliable quality, high cost-effective.

The manufacturing method of the light output within the LED assembly, and an LED component implemented by the method. The method uses a manufacturing test system to maintain the distance and angle of the LED optical component from the output measurement tool. For each base-color LED measurement, LED Component the spectral coordinates, forward voltage, and ambient measurements for the manufactured assembly are measured. LED Component Recording the measuring result to the storage device inside the LED assembly. These stored measurements can then be used in the use of the LED Assembly to provide accurate and accurate control of the optical output by the LED assembly.

LED components involved in liquid crystal display technology, improve the cooling performance of LED components, enhance the thermal stability of LED backlight module. An LED assembly includes: an LED lamp, a printed circuit board, and the LED lamp is arranged on the upper surface of the printed circuit board, LED Component the printed circuit board is provided with a radiating plate or a back plate, and the lower surface of the printed circuit board is connected with the upper surface of the heat dissipation plate or the back plate by means of embedding, LED Component and the shape of the lower surface of the printed circuit board is complementary to the shape of the upper surface of the heat sink or

LED components with high strength, quick response, low energy consumption, long life are the characteristics of light attention billion light vehicles with the LED in addition to the components of photoelectric specifications, more attention to the quality and reliability of components, LED Component in addition to the need to pass the stringent reliability of the vehicle Regulations (aec-q101), but also stressed the concept of vulcanization design, regardless of the car inside and outside the application of the new generation of products.