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Advantages Of SMT LED
Mar 09, 2017

Posted tablets LED is posted Yu circuit board surface of, for SMT processing, can return welding, posted tablets type LED is good of solution has brightness, and perspective, and flat degrees, and reliability, and consistency, problem, relative Yu other package devices, it has anti-vibration capacity strong, and welding points defects rate low, and high frequency characteristics good, advantages, it in more small of area Shang package has more of LED chip, used more light of PCB and reflection layer material, displayed reflection layer need fill of epoxy resin more less, through removal more heavy of carbon steel material introduction feet, narrowed size ,Products can easily be half the weight, volume and weight of only about traditional cartridge components 1/10, after adopting the SMD package electronics volume 40% a 60%, 60% a 80% weight, leading to more perfect.

Line type LED package takes the form of encapsulation. Potting process is LED before forming intraluminal injection of liquid epoxy resin, and then insert the weldingLED bracket, placed into the oven cured epoxy resin will be LED away from the cavity that is forming. Because the manufacturing process is relatively simple, low cost, has a high market share.