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Piranha led characteristics
Mar 09, 2017

Food Mermaid LED is 4 only feet of, than General of 5mmLED more has two only feet, and 4 only feet put of glow part and circuit board welding place has must spacing, 4 only feet of design and left has spacing is let food Mermaid LED of thermal than General of LED better many, can through of work current big is, maximum can 40-50MA, General of LED is 20MA, so than General of LED brightness to high.

Drawback is that greater volume than ordinary 5mmLED, angle at about 3045,60,90,120,140,160, no other point of view, full-color RGB mixing well, 5mm Hat LED well.

Piranha in the low power LED LED is the brightest, but brightness compared with high power 1W and 3W.5W, even if not much, Piranha LED is used most in advertising light module

Each LED has its own usefulness, not brightness, outsider is always better than brightness, my wife is the parameter ratio, consistency, with chips and so on.

NET lights and eyebrow lights on in the car, 10MM LED high power 1W LED or better, using small-angle, Piranha is no small point.

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