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Piranha led applications
Mar 09, 2017

Piranha LED more seriously, because it is cooling than 5mm LED well, perspective,light attenuation and long. Piranha LED is made into linear light, backlight, light boxes and light in a large tank.

As line contour light of the lamp is generally used as an urban high-rise buildings,and backlight advertising screens and large-font light is placed up high, if the LEDdoes not light or dark, its maintenance is very difficult. Because Piranha LED heat well, relatively ordinary LED 5mm, lumen maintenance, long life time, so the time youused, so you can save considerable maintenance costs.

Piranha LED can also be used to do the car's brake lights, turn signals and reverselights. Because Piranha LED heat sink has the advantage, so affordable 70~80mA currents. In the exercise of the car, storage battery voltage fluctuations, especially when using the brake lights, current will suddenly increase, but it has much effect onPiranha LED, so it is widely used in the automotive lighting.