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Distance characteristics of infrared light-emitting diodes
Mar 09, 2017

Infrared emitting diode radiation intensity, variable according to the optical axis distance has brought to light the different components and change. Is the amount ofincident light by light elements and with distances from certain features of the infrared led. Basically the light measured is inversely proportional to the square of thedistance and light element properties and different.

This infrared to control the managed device, the control distance is proportional to the power. In order to increase the control distance of infrared, infrared light emitting diode operating in pulse mode, pulse of light (modulated light), the effectivetransmission distance is proportional to pulse peak current, just maximize peak Ip,you can increase the transmission distance of infrared light. Method for improvingthe Ip, is reducing the pulse duty cycle, pulse width t. Its frequency is below 300KHz.