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COB LED a brief introduction and process
Mar 09, 2017

COB, chip On Board, is the bare chip with conductive or non-conductive adhesiveglue interconnecting substrates and wire bonding implementation which is electrically connected, COB LED also known as COB LED source,COB LED module. Strip/square/round three packages.

COB LED area light source is first and foremost on substrate surfaces using thermal conductivity of epoxy resin (mixed with silver epoxy) covered wafer placed point, wafer is then placed directly on the substrate surface, heat treatment up to silicon wafers securely fastened to the base and then used wire welding method in thewafer and direct electrical connection between the basement. Bare chip technologyhas two main forms: one is COB technology, another is a flip chip technology (FlipChip). Chip on the Board (COB), the transfer of semiconductor chips mounted on the printed circuit board, chip and wire suture method for the electrical connectionof the base plate, chip and wire suture method for the electrical connection of thebase plate and resin covered to ensure reliability. COB is the simplest of the barechip mounting technology, but it's the packaging density is far better than TAB andwelding technology.