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COB characteristics of light sources
Mar 09, 2017

COB light source is in the LED chip is directly attached to the highly reflective mirror metal substrates on the rate of high photosynthetic efficiency of integrated surface light source technology, which removed the concept of support, no plating, noreflow, SMT-free processes, processes nearly one-third, costs are saved one-third.

COB light source can be simply understood as integrated high power source, according to product shape design light area and size of the light source.

Product features: cheap, easy

Electrical stability, optical design, circuit design, thermal design a scientific and reasonable;

Use of heat sink technology, ensure the heat flow out of the LED industry-leadingmaintenance rate (95%).

Quadratic optical matching of products, improve the quality of lighting.

High color, uniform light, without spot, and healthy environment.

Simple to install, easy to use, reduce the difficulty of lighting design, lighting process and subsequent maintenance cost savings.