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Application and market of high brightness light emitting diodes
Mar 09, 2017

High brightness glow diode of main market including displayed road and highway message of monochrome display subtitles; large displayed screen of full color advertising brand; car both inside and outside lighting with of glow diode; can carrying type products with of back light; building and special lighting of lighting application; and application in electronic equipment part, as industrial with led and the according to customer requirements of led (for example new force company of PlayStation 2 by using of Blu-ray glow diode). Looking to the future applications of highbrightness light emitting diode development, backlight for portable products, automobiles, and the lighting market, will become an engine of growth.

In the architectural landscape lighting market, led are widely used, including architectural, interior decoration, tourist attractions such as, mainly used for important buildings, commercial centers, monuments, bridges, community, home, leisure andentertainment of the decorative lighting, set decoration and advertising of commercial lighting. In line with the high-tech Olympics and Green Olympics, people's Olympics, Beijing has proposed an led as a light source should be used to beautify the capital at night.