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About Piranha led encapsulation technology
Mar 09, 2017

Piranha LED package has its own characteristics, first to select a Piranha LED bracket. According to each of the Piranha pipes to put several LED chips, you need to determine piranhas rush sunken Bowl shape in the stent size and depth.

Use when you want to clean it, fixed on the bracket and LED chips in a bowl. Afterdrying welding poles LED chip and chip and out according to the size of the angleof light, choose the appropriate mode of grain. Fill in the die size plastic, Piranha LED chip welding inverted bracket alignment mode particle in die size. Stay dry (oven dry) after release. Cut it here and put it into the bars die down, followed by testing and sorting. Piranha LED specification LED with other package specification is the same. Multiple chip package in a Piranha bracket should take into account the thermal resistance, should try to reduce the thermal resistance in order to prolongthe service life.

Since the Piranha LED four feet, so in order to install the Piranha LED on the printed circuit board, on which there should be four holes. Since LED two electrodes connected on all four legs, two legs connected an electrode. Installation to confirm which of the two legs is positive, which two legs is negative, then the PCB design.

Piranha encapsulation mode particle shape is also varied, 3mm head and 5mm round head, flat shape of the concave shape. Light angle according to the requirements, you can choose from a variety of packaged die size.