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COB LED encapsulation process
12/05 2018

First steps: wafer expansion. Expansion machine manufacturers will provide the entire LED wafer thin film evenly expanded, attached to the film surface closely arranged LED grain open Thorn …

The second step: gum. Crystal wafer expansion will extend well into the shave on the silver-coated adhesive surface, silver on the back. Silver paste. Suitable for LEDchips in bulk. Dispenser the amount of paste on the PCB printed circuit boards.

Step three: put the prepared paste wafer expansion ring into thorn lattice, under the microscope by an operator LED chip Crystal pen with thorn thorns on the PCBprinted circuit boards.

Fourth step: thorn good Crystal PCB printed circuit board into the thermal cyclingoven thermostat can be replaced for a period of time, be the cured paste out (nolonger reset, or coating baked yellow LED chip, namely oxidation, cause difficultiesfor bonding). If the LED chip bonding, you need more than a few steps if only IC chip State rules to cancel the above steps.

Fifth step: Visco-chip. Dispensing machine in the PCB Board of IC position on the right amount of glue (or vinyl), and anti-static equipment (vacuum wand or child) put the IC die right in on a red plastic or vinyl.

The sixth step: drying. Taped naked in hot circulating oven is placed flat on the heating plate temperature can be replaced for some time, also cured naturally (a long time).

Seventh step: bonding (wire). Using aluminum wire welding machine will chip (grain or IC chip LED) and the corresponding pad on the PCB Board aluminum wire forbridge, COB of lead soldering.

Eighth step: pre-test. Use the detection tool (by COB have different equipment fordifferent purposes, simple is the high-precision power supply) testing COB plate, repair the unqualified Board back.

Nineth: dispensing. By dispensing the AB glue will mix a proper place of bondingwell LED on the grain, IC uses vinyl packaging and appearance packages according to customer requirements.

Tenth step: curing. Sealed gel PCB printed circuit board into the thermal cycling oven thermostat can be replaced on request different drying time can be set.

11th step: post-test. Will be packaged using dedicated PCB printed circuit board testing electrical performance testing tool, the bad quality.